Ace Wild


Name: Ace Wild

Age: 24

Birthday: July 26th

Occupation: Professional juggler

Favorite Food: Turkey Sandwich

Likes: Juggling, the circus, his sister Deuce and watch dodgeball

Dislikes: Bad jokes and juggling errors (he once cut himself while juggling)





Ace Wild is Jokerz' nephew and he's a juggler. He is highly skilled at his craft. He juggled using rubber balls, clubs, swords, knives, sticks on fire and any sharp objects. He's been the headliner a few times with his juggling act.

After touring with the circus company for a few years, Ace and his sister were laid off due to budget cuts and had no place to go. His uncle Jokerz hired him and his sister to work for him and he enjoys it.

He has a sharpthrowing ability when it comes to his schemes and attacks using his props as weapons.