The Dodgeball Teens reviews


Customer Reviews

"I read the comic books with my children and we take turns reading the story and we all loved it." - Inez G.


"After I finish reading the story, I read it over and over again and I cannot put it down. I love it." - Jason L.


"My son and I were impressed by your comic at the Baltimore Comic Con." - Ron L.


"I bought the comics and my kids loved it. They can't stop reading it." - Ed


"I really enjoy the comic books, great stuff in there." - Christy F.


"My son loved the first episode of dodgeball teens .... He's dying for the next.... He asked me to thank you and that he has a new favorite comic" - Ivelisse L.


"I loved reading your comics, I started laughing." - Marcos V.


"I love your comic." - Case. D


"Yes! It is an awesome comic book. My daughters enjoyed it and they are impressed with your work. Keep it up there are so many like you. You inspired them." - Maria M.


"i'm 5 years old and I like your comics. When I grow up I want to be a drawer like you." Jonny M.


"My son Timmy really loves your comics." - Jimmy R.


" I really like your comic. I hope I can publish a comic book someday and the fact that you can inspire me." - Judy R.


"Very cool! I enjoyed the comic book I bought at the Family Conference in the Bronx last week! Keep doing what you're doing." - Nell E.


"My daughter loved the comics, can't wait for the next issue" - Ramon E.


"My son enjoyed the comic book." - Will T.


"The dodge ball teens have been an inspiration to me." - Christopher G.


"Your comics are some of the best works of art I've ever seen." - William G.


"I read number 1, it was really great!  Keep up the good work." - Keith S.


"I am a big fan of your comics and I sure do hope i can use my dad's debit card to buy the next issue." - Martin B.


"I read the comic. I'm in love." - Mildred R.


"I got my hands on one of your books. me and my wife read it to our children and they and we and they loved it so much." - Douglas D.



Professional Reviews

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