Johnny Blunder


Name: Jonathan Martin "Johnny" Blunder

Age: 38

Birthday: August 11th

Occupation: Inventor and salesman

Favorite Food: Boston Clam Chowder

Likes: Boston, selling his inventions and big money

Dislikes: New York and inventions that fail







Johnny Blunder is an inventor who makes bad inventions in order to make big money from his customers. He sends his patents but never gotten any of them approved.

Now he created a bold strategy to make a lot of money by forcing some of his customers to buy it even when it breaks. He will not take no for an answer and refuses to give out a refund.

He hails from Boston and with a Bostonian accent. He is not "wicked smaht" like anyone else. He doesn't know how to "Pahk his cahr in Havid yahd!" but he can park in Dodgeville and try to fool other customers with his bad inventions.