Carmine Buckingham


Name: Carmine Eugene Buckingham

Age: 18

Birthday: November 5th

Occupation: Pro dodgeball player/Rich Person

Favorite Food: Lobster and Caviar

Likes: Being wealthy and being his own boss

Dislikes: Middle class, the poor and the I.R.S.





Carmine Buckingham is the wealthist teenager in Dodgeville. He was born to wealthy parents until they divorced and had a hard time with his mother and the father moved to England. As the man of the house, he rules with an iron fist.

His dream is to make his own company all to himself and nobody in the middle class or the lower class is welcomed. He'll buy and sell whatever he pleases and he owns a dodgeball team which he plays with.

He developed a huge conflict between him and Max because Max's old rival offered him money to take him out.