Coco Hardy


Name: Coco Marie Hardy

Age: 14

Birthday: July 18th

Occupation: High School student/Pro dodgeball player

Favorite Food: Pizza

Likes: Sports, video games, dodgeball, parties and comedy

Dislikes: Downers





Yes, Coco is her real first name. She is Max's and Jenny's little sister. She likes to be the comedian of the group by constantly telling jokes. She also likes being a party animal. Whenever she gets invited to a party, she'll automatically go.

When she plays dodgeball with the team, she pumps up her team with her party animal insticts even though the team is losing. She also likes to play softball with Jenny as a 2nd basewoman and likes to go swimming.

She is good on throwing but excellent in dodging and blocking abilities. She wears #2 on the back of her jersey.