David Hardy


Name: David Matthew Hardy

Age: 42

Birthday: October 26th

Occupation: Television game show host

Favorite Food: Chinese

Likes: Winning contestants, game shows, golfing and being with his family

Dislikes: Lousy contestants and nutrition foods






David is an addicted television game show host. He is the father of Max, Jenny and Coco. He is the only member of the family who doesn't play dodgeball. He is the host of the high-rated game show called "The Game Show". It's about all of the classic and current game shows mixed into one. As a child, he watches game shows everyday and play along which he gets addicted to. No matter what mood he gets, he talks in game show slang.

At his cousin's wedding, he met Michelle who has a former dodgeball teammate in the wedding. At first, his game show addiction irritated her a little but Michelle likes him for his sense of humor and good personality. They got married and have three children. He is the wacky guy and more comical than Coco.

He tried to get into dodgeball but doesn't have the talent and mess things up but he likes golfing whenever there's no taping invovled. He rather sticks to his best day job, hosting a television game show.