Deuce Wild


Name: Deuce Wild

Age: 22

Birthday: May 3rd

Occupation: Acrobat and card player

Favorite Food: Chicken

Likes: Watching dodgeball, his brother Ace, the circus, card games and comedy

Dislikes: Caught cheating in card games





Deuce Wild is Ace's most trusted sister and Jokerz' niece. She is a flying acrobat at the circus. She uses the trapeze and the tight rope. Plus she can throw card and cut things which impressed the producers and got hired.

After several years in the circus with her brother Ace, she had Ace were laid off because of budget cuts in the circus and her uncle Jokerz hired her. She is very sneaky with her attacks including cutting things with playing cards.

She likes playing cards like spades, war, poker and blackjack except without the casino chips. She doesn't like cheating in card games unless she does it herself to win.