Dr. Dieter Von Sprockets


Name: Dieter Johan Von Sprockets

Age: 64

Birthday: March 14

Occupation: Mad Scientist

Favorite Food: Sausage and schnitzel

Likes: Science, experiments and being a genius

Dislikes: Dodgeball





Dieter Von Sprockets originally came from a small town near Berlin, Germany. He moved to the United States as a teenager and wanted to learn science. He developed an I.Q. of over 300 after he graduated college.

After working on various science experiments, he stated getting hooked into it and event tested it on animals and human to make him psychotic. He even built his own personal robot for a sidekick.

He hates dodgeball and came to a city which is dodgeball capital of the world. When he was a kid, the other kids in elementary school back in Germany kept hitting him with dodgeballs and can't stand. One day, he wants to end dodgeball for good.