Michelle Hardy


Name: Michelle Julia Laurel-Hardy

Age: 41

Birthday: January 15th

Occupation: Former dodgeball player/Gym owner/Dodgeball coach

Favorite Food: Chicken

Likes: Dodgeball, her family, exercise and cooking

Dislikes: Losing money and country music





Michelle is the mother of Max, Jenny and Coco. She is a legendary dodgeball in her 20-year career. She has outstanding throwing, catching, blocking and dodging abilities. She won ten DDA world championships and seven Most Valuable Player awards with her old team "Curves of Iron". She is also a 16-time All-Star.

She met her husband David at her old teammate's wedding. Then they eventually got married and have three kids. She is the current dodgeball coach of "X-Treme". She enjoys her job as a coach and always keeps her team on the winning edge. She hopes to get elected into the dodgeball hall of fame.

With her winnings, she opened her own gymnasium business and she added a dodgeball court to teach new dodgeballers including her "X-Treme" pupils how to play the game. She is also the boss of the house according to her hubby David.