Rodney The Dodgeball


Name: Rodney The Dodgeball

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Occupation: The Dodgeville Dodgeball Association mascot

Favorite Food: Italian

Likes: his job, costumes, playing with kids and cheering with fans

Dislikes: Mean kids, wearing female costumes and less motivated people




Rodney is the official mascot of the Dodgeville Dodgeball Association mascot. The commissioner of DDA discovered him in a kids' birthday party and being a funny guy. He offered Rodney a job to be the DDA mascot and he automatically accepted it.

He is the only person to be a actual dodgeball unlike other mascots with heavy costumes and silence. During seasons and tournaments, he comes out during halftime and entertains the fans and he wears various costumes including wearing female outfits (which is part of the clause in his contract) to make it comical. He doesn't like that but he's getting paid for it.

Overall, he loves his career and making friends with Max, Jenny and Coco Hardy every game.